There are two main steps to creating the CSV file:

A. Set up the spreadsheet

The spreadsheet needs to contain email addresses only, in the first column. Often you may have columns with names, addresses or phone numbers, but these all need to be removed (save a new version of the spreadsheet!). This will leave one column with the email addresses. This column does not need a heading. The email addresses should not have brackets, speech marks or contain anything that does not make up the email address.

B. 'Save As…' a CSV (Please see the diagram for extra guidance.)

In Excel and most spreadsheet packages, it is possible to simply choose Save As… from the File menu. Select 'CSV', or 'Comma Separated File' from the type selection box. Save a CSV file, and choose to upload this into the e-card creator. You can then manually add, or remove any addresses thereafter in the e-card creator.